Helen Martin is like a character out of a Hemingway novel—beautiful, adventurous, friends to celebrities around the world, and above all, devastatingly charming. Over the years, I have watched a lot of men and women stare at her in wonderment, spellbound by her stories. Reading her book, you will no doubt be spellbound yourself.

—Skip Hollandsworth—

American Author, Journalist, Screenwriter, and Executive Editor of Texas Monthly Magazine

Helen Martin’s adventures took her to some of the world’s wildest and most inaccessible areas at a time when few women ventured into the hunting fields. Her writing, like Helen herself, is infused with warmth and elegance, and the stories of her experiences take her readers straight to the heart of the hunt. A skilled and intrepid outdoorswoman and a dedicated conservationist, Helen Martin has written stories that will inspire and resonate with anyone who loves the outdoors.

— Diana Rupp—

 Editor-in-Chief, Sports Afield

Helen was the most outstanding model we ever had; amazing and absolutely breathtaking on the runway. Kim Dawson would tell new models to watch her work.
Her runway technique became known as the Helen Martin walk

—Kathy Tyner—

 Former Agent and Fashion Show Producer with Kim Dawson Agency,
CEO of KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts

Helen Martin is truly a woman for all seasons: Actress, model, accomplished outdoorswoman . . . with a quick wit and full measure of that uncommon virtue, common sense. It’s been my privilege to know her for more than . . . well, for a lot of years . . . but I have never known the actress or the model. I only knew Helen, a serious huntress whether in high mountains or dense forests. . . . Turns out she has quite a story to tell . . . and isn’t afraid to tell stories on herself.

—Craig Boddington—

 Outdoor Journalist, Television Show Host, Award-Winning Author

When you are a Skrebneski model . . . you are not only beautiful but also
extremely professional

—Victor Skrebneski—

  Groundbreaking American Fashion Photographer and Author

Fashion icon Helen Martin’s style sense is in her DNA whether she is on the runway or exploring the out-of-doors. Her book is a great read—exciting and amusing stories as she takes you behind the scenes of the modeling industry.

—Lisa Dawson—

   President, Kim Dawson Agency

Helen Martin’s book, High Fashion, High Adventure, takes you to places that you only imagine. Her experiences are not only adventurous, but exist in the realms of reality being truly more fascinating than fiction. Her stories are poignant, funny, and human, exploring the magic of life. The dichotomy of her unique experiences are illuminated, as much as they are connected, by her distinctive voice.

—Jill K. Sayre—

  Author of The Fairies of Turtle Creek

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