• Helen Martin

Style Icons: Bianca Jagger

Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor, Huffington Post reported: ‘if you look up the definition of “style icon”, we think there should be a photo of Bianca Jagger next to the term.”

I so agree.

I checked out her style evolution online, just to see, one more time, that white wedding suit she wore when she and Mick married. A white fitted jacket, notch collar over a long white a line skirt, and the hat! A stunning wide brimmed picture hat with flowing veil attached – ‘The Lady in White’.

Married in 1971, the Nicaragua-born beauty became one of the top style-setters of her day. I remember another hat she wore in the early 70’s; and was thrilled to see a close up of her wearing the black fitted cloche with a black veil to her chin and the highlight: a stack of snow white feathers attached to the crown and sweeping down almost to her shoulder.

“Bianca remained a notable style icon for decades to come (her effect on the 70’s couture scene has remnants in today’s market.” The Rake ‘Icons’.

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