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Always The Amazing Karl Lagerfeld

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

2/22/19 Update:

I have been reading and responding to heartfelt tributes and expressions of profound sadness from people from around the world in regards to Karl's passing. One remark, really resonated with me, which verbalized his incandescent spirit, and that was: "I thought he was immortal'. I immediately thought, I did too!

Dear Karl, You are a giant of a man; one of the geniuses who walked among us mere mortals. May you rest in peace. . .


I had the privilege of viewing Chanel's 2012- 2013 collection on film from Linlithgow Palace in Scotland. I found myself holding my breath when the camera would come in for close ups on a model's wrist wrapped and cuffed in pearls, sparkling beads, lace and chiffon. Embellishments at the throat, bodice, hips, and billowing sheer white sleeves. Mixed patterns in gorgeous wools appeared in jackets, skirts, vests, knickers, tights; and then...long, lush white gowns and matching coats, with trailing scarves.

How proud his models must have felt modeling some of the most beautiful clothes in the world at that palace in Scotland! One of the highlights in my modeling career occurred when Neiman Marcus booked me for a Chloe fashion show at the historic Majestic Theatre in Dallas. A circular stairway was installed on the stage and each model opened at the top and glided down the stairs to the stage floor - a very dramatic presentation. Mr. Lagerfeld stood just inside our entrance checking each of us for a stray thread or a missing belt and all the while he prepped each of my changes, he told me how lovely I looked and how beautifully I showed the garment. A wonderful gentleman, but I did not expect anything less. 

The Amazing Karl Lagerfeld. I have had this photo of Karl printed and taped up next to my computer for an age - reminds me of good times.

Every one of the internationally noted designers I modeled for throughout my career exhibited a warm, generous spirit. 

Professionals working with professionals coming together to create memorable events.  


Helen Martin


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